3 Reasons Why Your Home is Too Hot and How to Cool It Down

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flowersThe battle for comfort during the hottest summer days can have you caught between remaining uncomfortably hot in your own home or cranking up the AC and suffering extreme energy bills. If you’re unable to sleep at night and tired of wringing out your pajamas each morning, you’re probably searching for ways to cool down your home that don’t require you to run the air conditioner non-stop.

3 things you can do to cool your home by Kotz:

  1. It’s possible for up to 50% of your cooled air to be lost to the outside! Drafts are responsible for most of the lost cool air in your home. This happens through gaps in windows, doors, architraves, wall vents, and even electrical outlets. Call Kotz AC repair in Michigan – we offer many professional solutions to permanently and properly seal your home, which will help you control the ventilation in your home and dramatically reduce your air conditioning usage.
  2. Your windows are prime offenders when it comes to keeping the hot heat outdoors during the summer. Even if you have blinds and shades in place, heat coming through your windows can be excessive. This is because glass is an excellent heat conductor. If your windows are single glazed, heat will radiate into your home quickly. Don’t replace your windows in order to find relief! Have a Kotz technician visit your home today.
  3. Shingles on a roof can get extremely hot, as they heat up, the heat is pushed down into the attic space and then into your home. Proper insulation or fan ventilation will provide relief over the summer months.

For all of your air conditioning needs this summer, rely on Kotz’s AC service in Michigan! We provide numerous solutions to the problems that the summer heat brings, from sealing to installing air conditioners, and everything in between. Contact Kotz today to schedule an appointment with our expert technicians!