Kotz Can Make Your Summer Vacation Worry Free

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Kotz Can Make Your Summer Vacation Worry Free

Let’s check in with an imaginary Michigan family, Jim and Nancy and their lovely children Dwayne and Rita. Right now, they are leaving their home behind for a 3-week vacation they’ve been planning for a year.

Where are they going? It doesn’t matter. What does matter is Jim spent days stocking up on golf supplies and polishing his clubs.

Nancy went shopping and bought the swimsuit she wanted.

Dwayne posted several funny photos on Instagram as the family loaded up the car.

Rita stocked up on sunscreen and asked all her friends to stay in touch on Twitter while she’s gone.

The questions are, who took care of the air conditioning? Who checked all the faucets and toilets for any sign of leaks? Who shut off the water to the clothes washer? Who made sure all unnecessary appliances were unplugged?

Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, voted the Best of the Best HVAC and plumbing contractor in Royal Oak, MI and all of Oakland County, isn’t picking on our imaginary family. We do want to make sure when you leave on vacation, you’re not forgetting about the home you are leaving behind. You need to make sure it will be in good shape when you return.

The best way is to schedule HVAC and plumbing tune-ups and inspections before you leave. Imagine what would happen to your houseplants or the pet goldfish if the air conditioning stopped working while you are away?

Here are some other tips to care for your air conditioning system while you’re on summer vacation:

Thermostat up but not off:

  • Turn the thermostat up. A good range is between 78 to 82 degrees.
  • Do NOT shut the AC off. The heat buildup can cause all sorts of problems in the home.
  • It’s also important the AC stays on to control humidity.

Programmable thermostat:

  • If there’s not one in the home, now is a good time to talk with Kotz about getting one. Our featured thermostats are by Honeywell and the Sensi model by Emerson.
  • Most will have a factory pre-programmed vacation mode. It will keep the house at a constant temperature.
  • If you know what day you’re returning home you can program the thermostat to cool the house back to a normal level. This can all be done remotely with a mobile device if it’s a WiFi thermostat.

Many homeowners love the idea of having a swimming pool. Just don’t take a chance on returning home to find a swimming pool in your basement. It can happen if your sump pump stops working. Just one reason why you need an inspection by one of Kotz’s expert plumbers before you leave home.

They will:

  • Inspect the sewage pump
  • Check out the water meter connection for corrosion or faulty water use readings
  • Backflow test and repairs
  • Locate potentially dangerous and expensive leaks (a leaky toilet can waste 6,000 gallons/month)

The plumbing inspection can also spot things like washer hoses on the brink of failure. The constant pressure in the system while you are gone could be the final factor to cause the hose to burst. The same can be said for corroded or leaky connections.

For even more peace of mind ask the Kotz comfort consultants about the Flow Stop system. It’s a water shutoff valve controlled by sensors on the floor. When it detects the presence of water, the valve immediately closes, stopping the water flow and saving your home from serious damage.

The last thing Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing wants to do is ruin your summer vacation budget. Make sure you check out our financing page. There are several options to help you pay for the services to make your special trip stress free.

Who knows, our imaginary family may return home to find nothing happened. Do YOU want to take the same gamble?