Garbage Disposal Install

Garbage Disposal Install

Service Overview

Do you remember the television show “Home Improvement?” It’s a favorite for many folks in Waterford, MI because the show was set in Michigan and the star Tim Allen is a Michigan guy. Throughout the show’s run Tim’s character was famous for always wanting more power {insert Tim Taylor grunts here} in his cars, vacuum cleaners, and power tools. This is a long way of getting around to talking about a new high-powered garbage disposal install from Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in your Waterford, MI home.

Luxury or essential?

There may have been a time when disposals were considered something of a frivolous household appliance, but now they are pretty much standard and many homeowners consider them essential. So, if yours has stopped working or doesn’t seem to be working well, then Kotz can come to your rescue.

Choosing the right disposal

First make sure you pick a quality product. Kotz is proud to feature the Badger 5 model by InSinkEratorⓇ. We’re not going to go all Tim Taylor on you, but power {insert Tim Taylor grunts here} is a factor that needs to be considered. A more powerful garbage disposal is better equipped to chew threw waste and less likely to clog. Name brand disposals will usually have a much better warranty than cheaper alternatives. Even with powerful disposals you must still follow guidelines about what can and can’t be put down the disposal.

Installing a new disposal

As the old saying goes, the installation process may not be rocket science, but it’s not a simple process either. You are dealing with electrical connections, multiple plumbing connections, and a certain amount of strength to remove the old disposal and lift the new one into place. A skilled do-it-yourselfer can likely handle the process but if you have any doubts, Kotz strongly recommends you hire a professional plumber. It’s almost always better and cheaper to ask for help from the beginning rather than waiting until you run into problems. If you are indeed a fan of “Home Improvement” you already know this since Tim’s DIY projects always went horribly wrong.

About that septic tank

Over the years there has been much discussion about using garbage disposals if your house is on a septic system. Disposal manufacturers insist it is safe, but not all plumbers are convinced. Kotz believes the truth is somewhere in the middle and our plumbers are happy to help with garbage disposal install on homes with septic systems. We do recommend those tanks be pumped more often than homes that don’t have disposals.

Ready to help

If you are ready for a powerful {insert Tim Taylor grunts here} new garbage disposal in your Waterford, MI home call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to learn more about what we have to offer.