Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair

Service Overview

Water Heater Repair

Have you experienced any of these hot water heater issues in your Waterford, MI home?

  • Running out of hot water quickly
  • Slow to heat
  • No hot water at all

Many times, the problem can be fixed with a hot water repair by the plumbers at Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

Out of sight and out of mind

This is what usually happens to a hot water heater. Years can go by without any scheduled maintenance then suddenly the problems start. Oftentimes, if maintenance has been ignored, replacing your hot water heater might be the best choice, but repairs can allow you to put off the replacement, maybe even for a few years.

Flushing and cleaning

The biggest enemies of water heaters are corrosion and mineral buildups. In extreme cases the corrosion can weaken the tank wall requiring a replacement. The mineral deposits can greatly reduce the heating capacity of the electric element. Regular flushing by a Kotz plumber can get rid of the deposits and make the water heater work much more efficiently.

Replace heating element

In some cases, the heating element or the gas burner can stop working. They can be easily replaced if the rest of the water heater appears to be in good shape. Honestly, that is the key with any water heater repair. It should always be inspected by a professional plumber to make sure it’s worth repairing. For example, any water heater that is showing signs of internal corrosion should be replaced and not repaired. This is even better advice if your water heater is more than ten years old.

Tankless systems are no different

So far, we’ve talked in general terms about tank-style water heaters, but the newer tankless systems will also be prone to breakdowns if regular maintenance is ignored. Just as in tank-style heaters, mineral buildup is a serious problem especially because of the hard water that is so prevalent in Waterford and all of Oakland County. 

Comprehensive plumbing service

If the revenge of the hot water heater hits your Waterford, Michigan home, end the horror of cold showers by calling Kotz Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing. Just remember, Kotz is about much more than hot water heaters. Our professional plumbers are fully trained to provide a full line of plumbing services.