8 Most Common Plumbing Problems

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8 Most Common Plumbing Problems

If you have never had to call for plumbing service in your Waterford, MI home, then count yourself among the lucky ones. Our experience at Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is that nearly everyone will need plumbing service at some time. No plumbing system is going to last forever. Here are eight of the most common problems our plumbers deal with:

Dripping faucets

How would you describe a dripping faucet?

  1. Annoying
  2. Wasteful
  3. Costly
  4. All of the above

Hopefully you chose D. Drips can be caused by worn-out washers or O-rings. Most of the time these can easily be replaced, but sometimes it’s a case of corrosion or improper installation. Please don’t procrastinate on a repair because a dripping faucet wastes a lot of water and costs a significant amount of money.

Leaking pipes

Not only is this another water waster, but it needs to be fixed fast. A leaky pipe can often turn into a burst or broken pipe causing all sorts of damage. Some common causes of leaking pipes include:

  • Water pressure is too high
  • Clogs causing backups
  • Corroded pipes
  • Joint damage
  • Cracked seals or cracked pipes

Running toilet

How fast is it running and where’s it going? Okay, that’s a bad plumber’s joke, but a running toilet is no laughing matter. Did you know it can waste up to 200 gallons per day? You think that won’t have an impact on your monthly water bill? Some common causes:

  • Problems with the refill tube
  • A flapper seal or flush valve that’s worn out
  • Flapper chain is the wrong length
  • Corroded toilet handle

Water pressure is low

When the water pressure drops, it affects the entire plumbing system in your home. It will affect the operation of appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Not to mention your morning shower. A drop in water pressure is usually a symptom of larger plumbing problems like:

  • Main water line cracked
  • Corroded pipes
  • Hidden water leaks
  • Water filtration filter clogged

Leaking hose bibb

This is very common in the spring and summer. When hose bibbs aren’t protected during a long, cold winter they can crack and start leaking. Kotz advises homeowners to buy frost-proof hose bibs to protect against leaks.

Clogged or slow drains

This usually happens in one of two ways. If you have just one slow or clogged drain in your Waterford, MI home, the problem is likely localized to that area. Most of the time it’s the result of hair, soap, grease and other materials building up over time. On the other hand, if you are experiencing multiple slow or clogged drains, this is a sign you may be dealing with sewer line problems. If this happens call Kotz to determine what’s causing the problem. Never take a chance on a damaging sewage backup.

Sump pump stops working

When this occurs, water damage can happen quickly. Sump pump failures can be because of a problem with the unit or an unrelated issue. Some common causes are:

  • A faulty or stuck switch and or float
  • Huge amount of water after a heavy rain or rapid snow melt
  • Discharge pipe is plugged
  • Sump pump not installed properly
  • Age as sump pumps around 10 years old are prone to failure

Hot water heaters

Every home has one and no one gives it a second thought until it stops working. When that happens, the entire household goes into panic mode. Some common issues are:

  • The heating element has failed
  • Sediment and corrosion buildup
  • Broken or loose electrical connections
  • Water heater is too small for the home’s needs

Kotz is here to help

Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can handle all these common plumbing problems and much more. While each plumbing service call can include unexpected complications, feel free to ask us about our plumbing service price list. This will give you a good idea of what a repair might cost in your Waterford, MI home. For more great information about our home comfort services, be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter