A/C Shortage & How To Prepare

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A/C Shortage & How To Prepare

Remember the great toilet paper shortage of 2020? Of course you do because it was less than two years ago. It was the result of panic buying, increased demand because people were stuck in their homes, and supply chain disruptions. Unfortunately supply chain interruptions have become the norm during the pandemic. Kotz Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing will let you do your own research about why it’s happening, but these supply chain problems are affecting all of us.


Kotz Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing and our customers are seeing many of the same problems in our business. There are HVAC shortages, and they make it difficult to receive timely deliveries of furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps. Many orders are ending up on a waiting list which in turn delays installations for homeowners and businesses in Waterford, MI and Oxford, MI.


The law of supply and demand is one thing that doesn’t change. It should not surprise you to learn the supply chain problems are resulting in higher prices. Experts predict heating and AC shortages could cause a price increase of as much as eight percent in the next few months. Depending on the size of the system in your Waterford, MI or Oxford, MI home that can add up to several hundred dollars.


The best thing we can do is work together to plan ahead. If you even THINK you might need a new HVAC system in the next few months, the time to act is now. Let our Kotz technicians give you an accurate assessment. If indeed a new system is called for, the job should be scheduled as soon as possible so your name can go on a waiting list. Replace the current HVAC equipment a few months earlier than is absolutely necessary is better than the alternative of being without heating or cooling for several weeks because you have to wait for the new system to be delivered.


As with any fluid situation It’s very important that you have the best and most current information. Kotz Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is in constant contact with suppliers and other organizations within the HVAC industry. Our goal is to get advance notice about any new developments in the weeks and months ahead. Sharing that information with you allows you to make informed decisions about the HVAC shortages and how they can affect you.