Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

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Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

You know the great thing about choosing bathroom tile during a renovation? The choices are nearly endless, limited only by your imagination. However, it’s also a really bad thing because the number of options can be overwhelming. Our designers at the Kotz Showroom in Waterford, MI can help you sort through the choices and inspire your creative gene.

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In 2019 the experts say there’s a renewed effort to use bathroom tile to personalize your space and make it something special for you. It can be done with the choice of materials ceramic, porcelain, and stone. Each one has multiple color choices. Edging tiles and frames can help make your design unique.

Color tips

Sometimes it’s hard to choose colors for a bathroom remodel because there are so many choices. You may not even know for sure what colors you want until you see them. This is where our Kotz designers can help. Not only with their knowledge, but also with 3D rendering.

Don’t be afraid

Many times, people are worried about moving beyond neutral colors when it comes to bathroom tile. In other words, many people are playing it safe. That’s not a bad thing but don’t be afraid to use bright and bold colors to make a bathroom your own. 


These are a great design tool for a bathroom remodel. They add textures, shapes, and complex designs. The small tiles can be made from marble, porcelain, pebbles, or stones like travertine. Glass mosaic tiles are great for providing a unique look because they come in many different colors.

Have a small bathroom?

Use some bathroom tile tricks to make it feel bigger than it is. For example, using one tile from floor to ceiling opens the space up because there are no visual borders. If the wall is part-tile and part-painted, this is a situation to use similar colors to smooth the transition. If you are tiling the shower, tile it all the way to the top to give the impression of added height.

Tile floors

If you are using bathroom tile for the walls and floor, it’s a great opportunity to create some contrast. A black floor can look really dramatic in what is an otherwise all-white bathroom. If you don’t want to be that bold, you can keep the colors similar but use a unique shape for the floor tile, such as a hexagon.

Let Kotz help

As you can see, the tile choices for your bathroom renovation really are nearly limitless. Doesn’t it make sense to have the help of our bathroom designer? It’s her full-time job to be aware of the latest trends in colors and materials. Remember too, a professional bathroom remodel will add more value to your Waterford, MI home. Like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great information.