Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

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Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

If you start reading through real estate ads chances are you will see repeated references to houses with a “large kitchen” or “big kitchen great for family gatherings.” But there’s one thing to keep in mind, size only matters if you need the space.

In fact, a well-designed small kitchen can have many advantages. So much so that some kitchen remodeling jobs are specifically aimed at making the kitchen smaller. The Kotz plumbing showroom has great design options to make your small kitchen attractive and efficient. First, let’s talk about some of those advantages:

Space That Can Be Used Elsewhere:

  • When you shrink the kitchen during your remodeling project, you get extra space to be used elsewhere. A larger living room. An office space. Maybe even a larger bedroom or an additional guest room.


More Economical:

  • The kitchen is the most expensive room in the house to remodel. Making it smaller saves on materials and cuts the overall cost of your project.


Easier DIY Project:

  • Even if you are a skilled do-it-yourselfer, kitchen remodeling is a challenging project. Making the kitchen smaller could be the deciding factor when it comes to doing the work yourself.


More Efficient:

  • A properly designed small kitchen still adheres to the kitchen triangle (stove, sink, refrigerator) principle. Using a smaller space can actually make cooking more efficient.


Right now, some of you are asking, “But how do we make small kitchens attractive and convenient?” Did we mention the Kotz plumbing showroom has its very own designer on staff to help with those things? She can walk you through all the options available in our kitchen showroom to maximize things like kitchen storage in your Waterford, MI home.

Here are a few basic things to keep in mind:

Keep It Light

  • In a small kitchen, always use light colors. They will reflect a lot of light that adds a feeling of space and openness.


Ditch The Massive Sink

  • The large double sink is not always the best choice. Using a smaller sink isolated in one area of the kitchen can free up a lot of counter space for other uses.


Waste Not, Want Not

  • Don’t waste space that can be used for kitchen storage. Cabinet makers are doing a much better job of utilizing available space. For a small kitchen, cabinets reaching to the ceiling provide valuable storage space.


Floor Tile Can Make The Kitchen Feel Larger

  • This is why you want to choose large ceramic or marble floor tiles. Small tiles will make the room feel small and cramped. The standard 12”X12” tile should be the minimum, and larger tile is preferable.


Find the Right Place To Splurge

  • The backsplash is often a good choice. In smaller kitchens, you’re not talking about much space so you can use some expensive materials without breaking the budget. A fancy backsplash can liven up the entire kitchen.


If you are ready to make your small kitchen something special, come on down to the Kotz plumbing showroom. We have the materials and expertise to make it a reality. As a bonus offer, if you come into our showroom right now you can register to win $5,000 in Kotz Cash to help pay for your remodeling project. This is a limited-time offer, and the last day you can register is March 30, 2019.