Kotz Can Help With Your Summer To-Do List

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Everyone has a summer checklist. Not all of the items are what you would consider fun things to do. You know what I’m talking about:

  • Mow the lawn (again and again)
  • Use the weed eater to make things look neat (why do weeds grow so well?)
  • Pressure wash (or worse yet paint) the house
  • Seal coat the asphalt driveway (we said we weren’t talking about fun here)
  • Wash all the windows inside and out (don’t forget the window sills)

Well, Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has another summer must-do list that we think is just as important, but in this case we can handle it for you. These items will involve no physical labor on your part.


  • HVAC:
    • Have you ever had a breakdown during the hottest day of the year? If you have, you know it’s not fun to have a house full of hot, irritable, and impatient family members wondering when the A/C is coming back. If you didn’t have your air conditioner inspected and tuned up this spring, call Kotz right now so we can get an A/C service scheduled. It is the best way to prevent a sudden breakdown.
    • Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we can’t also talk about your heating system. How did yours perform last winter? Was the house nice and warm? Did the utility bills seem awfully high? Now is a great time to have our expert Kotz technicians check out any problems you might have had. If you are in need of any repairs or a possible replacement, it makes a lot more sense to do it now rather than waiting for cold weather to return in a few months.



  • Plumbing:
    • Call Kotz to schedule a water heater maintenance. Yes, we know how easy it is to ignore that water heater, but you do so at your own risk. When a water heater starts leaking, it can quickly cause thousands of dollars in water damage. Our Plumbers can spot problems before it gets to that point. Lack of maintenance can also mean an inefficient water heater. For you, the results are less hot water available and higher utility bills. Often times it’s because of sediment in the tank. Maintenance includes flushing the tank to get rid of any sediment buildup.
    • Water heater maintenance can be part of a complete plumbing inspection. We will check for any leaks, corroded pipes, or problems with your drains or sewer pipes. Did you know even one dripping faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water every month, driving up your water bill.
    • We are also the experts when it comes to designing irrigation systems for your lawn and landscaping, or repairing the system you already have.



  • Red Carpet Maintenance Plan:
    • If you are looking for true peace of mind when it comes to your home comfort systems, then call Kotz to talk about our Red Carpet Maintenance Plan. It includes annual tune-ups on your cooling and heating systems, priority service if you do have a breakdown, parts & labor discounts, and you will never pay overtime charges. You don’t even have to remember to schedule the maintenance, we will call you and make the appointments at your convenience.


We’re sorry we can’t help much with that first summer checklist, but Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is ready, willing, and able to make the rest of your summer as worry-free as possible. Call now to schedule your appointment.