Why Mini Slits are the Trendy Choice in HVAC

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Why Mini Slits are the Trendy Choice in HVAC

When you think of trendy you likely think of things like cars, clothes, and the latest smartphones, but there’s also trendy in the HVAC world. Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing wants to help you learn more about one of the hottest trends. We are talking about ductless mini-split heat pumps. They can be used to heat and cool, but since we are moving into another Michigan winter, we will focus here on heating.

Mini splits use the same heat pump technology used to heat millions of homes. The difference is in the delivery. The air handlers deliver the heated air directly to the rooms where they are mounted. There are no ducts. Most systems can have as many as four air handlers connected to one outside compressor. Here are five reasons why mini splits are a good choice to heat your home:

Heating with individual control

Each air handler has its own thermostat for personal comfort. It also allows you to heat only the rooms that are occupied.

Flexible placement options

There are a number of ways to install the air handlers to complement the existing interior design. Air handlers can be mounted on walls, suspended from the ceiling, and mounted into drop ceilings. They can be hidden behind soffits and other built-in features.

Ease of installation

There is no ductwork involved making the installation stress-free. The air handlers can be connected to the outside condenser with a simple three-inch hole. The outdoor unit can be placed up to 50 feet away so it’s out of sight.

Energy efficiency

Did you know the air moving through HVAC ducts can lose as much as 30% of its heat? Because mini splits don’t require ducts virtually all of the conditioned air is delivered directly to the room or area you are trying to heat.

Ability to customize

Most mini split systems have timers and built-in sleep functions, giving owners more control of when and how they heat their homes.

As the mini split heat pump technology advances, they are being used more and more as a primary heat source. But they are also an outstanding choice for supplemental heating to eliminate cold spots in your home. Homeowners also turn to mini splits when they add new living space. You can heat areas not connected to an existing central HVAC system like your new man cave in what used to be a garage or an office in what was an attic.

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