Why Today's Plumbing Systems Require Regular Maintenance

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Why Today's Plumbing Systems Require Regular Maintenance

When Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing began serving the residents of Oakland County, Mich. in 1929, indoor plumbing in the United States – like electricity – was just becoming common. Some historians say that Benjamin Franklin was not only the founder of electricity, but also the first person to import a bathtub to America. Who says electricity and water don’t mix? Of course, at that time his six-foot bathtub would have looked more like a mummy casket and was probably made of copper. 

At any rate, by the 1920’s, most newly-constructed homes and buildings featured indoor plumbing in the kitchen and at least one bathroom. Within 10 years, second and third bathrooms were being added because one toilet just wasn’t enough. For existing homes, plumbing was brought into the home for the kitchen in creative and unique ways. As interior decoration became trendy and important to homeowners, kitchen sinks and bathroom faucets were expected to be functional while visually appealing.

Since the 1950’s, indoor plumbing has been a staple in buildings in the United States no matter the original construction date. Fashionable fixtures such as toilets, faucets and sinks have become a booming industry in their own right. A kitchen equipped with modern amenities such as a quiet garbage disposal, kitchen faucet with motion detection, and other high-tech appliances can help sell a home quickly.

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Of course, with the development of plumbing fixture technology comes the need for more skilled and trained plumbers. Today, there are more parts to be maintained and repaired, including toilets that change colors, soft-close toilet seats and the ever popular tankless water heater. That is why the plumbing experts at Kotz recommend scheduling a plumbing tune-up each year. Regular maintenance includes inspecting your home’s pipes and fixtures and fixing minor repairs that can end up as costly plumbing disasters if left unchecked. Call Kotz today for a plumbing system inspection.