Tank or Tankless? There is no One Right Answer

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Tank or Tankless? There is no One Right Answer

Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing completely understands how confused some of you are. The information overload when it comes to new technology can be overwhelming. One really common question we hear all the time is, “Should I stick with my tank style water heater, or are the new tankless systems a better way to go?”

We wish we could give you one definitive answer, but it’s not that simple. Like many things in your home, the answer often depends on your situation. There are good reasons to choose tankless:

  • They are more energy efficient because you’re only heating the water you use
  • Tankless will give you a nearly unlimited hot water supply
  • An invaluable advantage if you have a large family or often host large family gatherings
  • Generally has about twice the lifespan of tank style heater

You know what’s coming next, because there is always a but and here it is. But, you will pay more up front. The cost to buy and install a tankless water heater in your Waterford home is nearly double what you would pay for a tank-style. As we said, you will earn some of that money back in lower energy costs, but any honest plumber in Clarkston, MI will tell you it may take several years for the investment to pay for itself. On the other hand, for many, the idea of decreasing their carbon footprint and never having to worry about running out of hot water, makes the upfront cost worthwhile. It should also be noted tankless likely makes more sense in new construction. Replacing an existing tank-style heater with a tankless will drive the initial costs even higher.

When it comes to water heater maintenance and repair, Kotz can handle all of your needs whether you have a tank-style or tankless. We would be negligent if we didn’t point out regular maintenance is absolutely vital on a tankless system, especially if you have hard water. Please understand we don’t recommend this, but many homeowners ignore maintenance on their water heaters. In those situations, tankless heaters are more prone to breakdowns than the old tank-style heaters.

Finally, if you can’t afford the upfront cost of a tankless, or you simply don’t feel it’s a good investment, there is no reason to feel guilty about choosing to stay with a tank heater. Just like furnaces and air conditioners, new models are much more efficient than they used to be. So just replacing an older unit should cut your energy usage by at least a small amount.

If you still have any questions, call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing and we will be happy to answer them for you. We will always give you a straight answer because we do what’s best for you, the customer. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1929.