3 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Broken Garbage Disposal Before Calling Kotz

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3 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Broken Garbage Disposal Before Calling Kotz

3 Ways to Troubleshoot Garbage Disposal Issues Before Calling Kotz

Having a garbage disposal in your home is common but maybe not as common as you might think. A recent Consumer Reports survey of adult Americans found that just over 50% of homes have a garbage disposal. Of those that do have one, 60% of those surveyed stated the garbage disposal was already installed when they moved in. If you come across a broken garbage disposal in your lifetime, don’t worry! There are ways to fix it before calling a professional.

If you have a garbage disposal, you probably love it or hate it. Some homeowners may never want to be without one, while others never use the one they have. If your garbage disposal gets used often, chances are you’ve experienced some challenges from time to time. Whether it was clogged because of what or how much you were attempting to grind or maybe it just stopped working, a garbage disposal issue can be very inconvenient, and sometimes messy, when you’ve grown accustomed to having one.

Top Garbage Disposal Issues & DIY Hacks

Just Won’t Turn On – Before calling a plumber in the Waterford or Oxford areas, make sure it’s still plugged in or a breaker didn’t pop. 

Jammed Disposal – If the unit still doesn’t turn on but you have power or it hums when activated, you may have something stuck that’s impeding the blades. Before calling a professional, turn off the power at the breaker, put on rubber gloves, and remove the debris that’s causing the issue. 

Smelly Disposal – Over time, you may notice a foul odor coming from your garbage disposal. No worries. By periodically grinding lemon or lime wedges and ice down the disposal, you can eliminate the nasty smells. Be sure you’re running plenty of cold water while operating the disposal and let that water run for about 30 extra seconds before turning the unit off.

Added Tips for a Smooth Running Garbage Disposal

To get the most from your garbage disposal, remember these additional tips:

  • Do not put oil or fats down the disposal.
  • Never attempt to grind stringy vegetables like spaghetti squash or celery.
  • Fruit pits are not for the garbage disposal. 
  • Non-food items should never be put into the garbage disposal.

You can enjoy the convenience of having a garbage disposal in your home by following these helpful hints. However, if you still have issues with a broken garbage disposal and need the services of a licensed, professional plumber in Michigan, call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today.