A Clogged Sewer Pipe Can Ruin Your Spring & Summer

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The change of the seasons is a time to celebrate in Southeast Michigan, but it also comes with some challenges. Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing wants to remind you about the lurking danger of clogged drains, either from runoff caused by spring rains or in your wastewater system.

If water isn’t properly draining away from your house, it can cause standing water, wet basements, or even foundation damage.

Another problem is one you can’t see. It’s underground in your sewage pipe and requires a call to the Kotz plumbing professionals. Many times tree roots will grow into the sewage line. It can and does happen during the winter because tree roots never stop growing. In fact, they seek out the warmth and nutrients in wastewater.

It usually starts when a small tree root gets inside the pipe and then starts to spread rapidly. You should be aware of some possible warning signs:

  • Slow drainage from a fixture
  • The sound of gurgling from a toilet
  • Wet areas around a floor drain after washing clothes

If you notice any of those things you should call the drain clearing professionals at Kotz immediately. Left unchecked, the roots can block the sewage line causing backups into the home.

If it’s caught early, our professionals can use equipment to cut the root out without digging up your yard. If it grows back, there are other ways Kotz, who offer the best drain cleaner service, can deal with the problem.

Spring is also the time clean up a winter’s worth or debris around your outdoor condenser(s). Make sure to trim back any vegetation if you didn’t do it in the fall. The units need lots of space for proper air flow.

A regular garden hose is a good way to clean the exterior of your condenser and the cooling fins. Do not use any sort of nozzle with a high-pressure water stream. The advice goes double for pressure washers – DO NOT USE THEM on your condenser. If you’re worried about the inside of the condenser, that’s a job for the Kotz professional technicians.

A reminder, spring is a great time to sign up for the exclusive Kotz Red Carpet Maintenance Program. You’ll receive twice a year system tune-ups and expert inspections of your units for any sign of potential problems.

Enjoy spring in Michigan, but just make sure it’s worry-free by calling Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for all of your service, repair, and maintenance needs.