What Are The Risks Of Using A Plumber Without A License?

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What Are The Risks Of Using A Plumber Without A License?

If you were the owner of a trucking company that transports hazardous materials would you hire a driver who doesn’t have a hazardous materials (HAZMAT) endorsement on their commercial driver’s license? Of course not. So why in the world do you think it’s okay to hire a non-licensed emergency plumber to work on plumbing problems in your Waterford, MI home or business? Here are just a few of the problems you can run into.

Inability to pull permits

Plumbers often need to obtain permits prior to major jobs. This is to make sure the work conforms with local codes and ordinances. But contractors who aren’t properly licensed can’t even pull the permits. If the work to fix plumbing problems doesn’t meet code, the owner can be responsible for paying fines and fixing the problems.

Lack of proper insurance

Oftentimes unlicensed plumbers do not have proper insurance. This leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits if the plumber is injured while working in your home or business. If the unlicensed plumber has no liability insurance, you could be left holding the bag for any damage done. Your only choices will be to file a claim on your homeowner insurance or simply pay for the damages out of your pocket.

Poor quality work

When you need an emergency plumber do you really want to trust someone who hasn’t gone through the proper training & licensing process? Sure, it’s possible an unlicensed plumber may offer you a cheaper rate. The question you have to answer is whether it’s worth the risk? Just like that unqualified truck driver we mentioned at the top can cause a disastrous accident, an unqualified plumber can damage your plumbing system or contaminate your water. In other words, creating more plumbing problems than he fixes.

Kotz doesn’t cut corners

Our motto isn’t, “We’re cheap.” Our motto is, “Quality without compromise.” Every Kotz plumber is properly licensed and insured to do work in your Waterford, MI home. It’s just one more reason we are able to give you a one-year guarantee on any work we do to fix plumbing problems in your Waterford, MI home or business. That’s just one part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get more great information by liking and following us on Facebook and Twitter.