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Don’t Depend on Luck for HVAC Maintenance

As you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a good time to learn more about the role Irish immigration played in the history of our state. More on that later, but first, because of St. Patrick’s Day you’re going to hear a lot of talk about luck, as in the “Luck of the Irish.” When it comes to one of the most valuable things in your home, your HVAC system, you can’t depend on luck to protect your investment.

So this year on the day honoring the patron saint of Ireland, turn your thoughts to our heating and air conditioning technicians at Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. They can win over luck every time when it comes to maintaining your furnace and air conditioner to run properly and save you money.

Let’s face it, luck will not heat and cool your home or business if the filters are dirty or the unit is low on refrigerant (a.k.a. R-22 or Freon). Luck cannot lower your monthly utility bills if your furnace or AC is running inefficiently. But our professionals at Kotz have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to find those problems and fix them during a routine tune-up.

In addition, inspections and consistent maintenance are often required by manufacturers to keep your warranty in force. The worst luck of all would be to have a major problem and find your warranty won’t cover the repair costs.

Now, more on the history of the Irish in our great state of Michigan. Some immigrants arrived from the Emerald Isle in the early 1800’s, but immigration increased greatly from 1840 to 1855 during the Irish famine.

A large number of them came from the County of Cork and settled in Detroit, founding the Corktown Neighborhood which is the oldest surviving neighborhood in the city. Many of them found jobs in factories and mills and later in the auto industry.

Many Irish immigrants also migrated to the north. Some settled in fishing camps on Mackinac and Beaver Islands, while others were instrumental in the growth of the copper mining industry in the Upper Peninsula. By 1870, nearly a third of the population in that area was Irish.

So please, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as you remember the role immigrants played in our state, but when it comes to keeping your home comfortable, count on the reliable service, repair, and maintenance from Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Refrain from depending on the luck of the Irish and call Kotz instead.

Don’t Depend on Luck for HVAC Maintenance
Article Name
Don’t Depend on Luck for HVAC Maintenance
When it comes to one of the most valuable things in your home, your HVAC system, you can’t depend on luck to protect your investment.
“You have serviced my equipment for several years. All have been quality visits–keep up the good work.”
“Excellent work & follow up. Attention to details was superb.”

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