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Here in Eastern Michigan, summertime means heat and humidity … for everybody. Not only are our residential customers keeping an eye on their air conditioning systems, but our commercial customers, too. Whether you own a business which is built around lake season tourism or depends on year-round revenue, keeping your business climate controlled for your customers is no small concern.

As a business owner – big or small – there are plenty of issues which need your attention, and it is easy to overlook some things or push them down the totem pole. Maybe that’s where you are at with your building’s HVAC system. You know it is getting old and is struggling to climate control your office or retail shop. You know that the utility bills are going up, but you haven’t pulled the trigger on a new heating and cooling system just yet, because … well, it’s going to be pricey. But now, with plenty of Eastern Michigan summer heat and humidity still on the way, you can’t put it off any longer.

Let’s make your decision easier, shall we? The professionals at Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing want to make you aware of the Section 179 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed last year. This legislation includes an increase in depreciation rate for business equipment purchases from 50% to 100% and can be totally expensed in the first year instead of spreading it out for decades. For example, if you decide to purchase a new $150,000 commercial HVAC system before Dec. 31, 2018, you can write off the entire $150,000 this year. But the good news doesn’t stop there. The section 179 deduction limit was also raised from $500,000 to $1,000,000. That’s right, you can now write off up to one million dollars in HVAC costs immediately.

Check with your accountant for the exact amount of savings on the purchase price, but this is a significant HVAC tax rebate too good to pass up. There will not be a better time than right now to replace the HVAC system in your restaurant, lake resort or retail business. Not only will you save your business money on the up-front purchase/installation costs, but on utility costs down the road as a benefit of installing a more efficient system. A new HVAC system will also increase the worth of your business and the building it is in.

Here at Kotz, we are ready to help our customers in the Oakland County and surrounding areas make the commercial heating and cooling improvements they need. Call us today to find out about the great prices we offer on our hard-to-stop Trane heating and cooling systems. Our professional staff will analyze your system, determine your business’s needs and tailor a system specifically for your business or commercial property. We also offer excellent financing options to go along with those Section 179 deductions and any other rebates which may be available.

There is plenty of summer left, so make sure your customers and employees stay nice and cool. Call Kotz today before your old air conditioner begins acting up and let’s talk about how much money you can save!

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