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I love pizza. But sometimes, I have a hard time deciding on the toppings. Pepperoni? Italian sausage? Green peppers? All of the above? The good news is that I get to choose which of those toppings I want. I get to decide.

Yes, that is a fairly simple illustration of perhaps the greatest freedom we enjoy as Americans: the freedom of choice. We get to choose what to say, how to pray and everything in between. That freedom can sometimes be daunting, however. I mean, too many choices can be as problematic as not enough. A good example is trying to pick the right cooling system to replace your home’s worn out A/C. There are many options to consider when taking the plunge on a new A/C installation.

Some factors in your decision may include:

  • Is energy efficiency and lower utility bills at the top of your list?
  • Do you need to cool different levels of your home at different times?
  • Always a biggie: how much money is in the budget for a new system?

Your friends at Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing know it is tough to make that decision, and stand ready to help all of our customers in the Oakland County, Mich. and surrounding areas find the perfect fit for system replacement.

Traditional central forced-air systems are dependable and are the system of choice in the majority of homes in the U.S. These systems are graded in categories such as SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and are measured with such terms as load calculations. Call our HVAC professionals for more information on what these terms mean and how they affect your system’s performance and efficiency. And don’t forget that Kotz offers a complete line of Trane cooling systems, which everybody knows are hard to stop.

If you are building a home or have added on to your home, a ductless mini-split system may be the right call for you. We offer Mitsubishi mini-split systems, which operate with an external condensing unit that is connected to numerous individual air handlers. They are perfect for getting climate-controlled air directly to a room or area in your house which may be hard to cool otherwise. They are also a great option for zoned heating and cooling, and because they do not require costly ductwork, reduce air leaks and increase efficiency.

Kotz is also happy to offer the exciting new Unico home cooling system technology. These systems are also ductless and deliver climate-controlled air throughout your home with a less intrusive flexible supply tubing system. Call us today for more Unico info!

Kotz would be happy to give you an estimate, and we also offer flexible financing options to help take the sting out of that air conditioning cost. Kotz has served the communities of Waterford, Clarkston, Birmingham, Royal Oak and Walled Lake since 1929, and we can help you wade through all the choices to find the right one for you!