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Back to school is one of those hallmark dates throughout the year. Along with the holidays, spring break and summer vacation, back to school means it’s time to get ready for a special part of the calendar year. In preparation, the to-do list is long, with shopping for school supplies and new clothes at the top of the list.

Back to school is also a great time to get back to the basics, as far as home maintenance goes. There are many things you can do easily and quickly yourself. Check all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and detectors and make sure they have fresh batteries. While you are at it, replace your HVAC filters with new ones and switch out the batteries in your thermostat.

Now comes the part where you really need the help of licensed HVAC professionals. We all know that regular maintenance is the best way to keep your home’s heating and cooling system in good shape, so let’s start there. Here at Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we want to make it easy for you, so we offer our Red Carpet Maintenance Program. We know that back to school time means you are busy with the kids, so we make sure you stay on schedule with all the maintenance on your system, which begins with a thorough air conditioning tune-up. Our Red Carpet treatment also includes discounts for program members, priority service and no overtime charges. While we are performing our tuneups, we can also make sure your home’s indoor air quality is where it needs to be and that IAQ equipment is operating efficiently. This is important as the fall allergy season approaches.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your home’s plumbing system is in good shape. Our licensed plumbers will inspect all of your home’s drain and water pipes, perform a water heater inspection, inspect for any general plumbing issues and make any needed plumbing repairs. We also check all gas pipes and make sure there are no leaks, and will inspect and repair all fixtures such as a leaky faucet or running toilet.

Peace of mind comes in many forms, and knowing that your home’s HVAC and plumbing systems are in peak operating condition is a big one. Call your friends at Kotz and rest easy as the kids go back to school and the change of seasons approaches the Oakland County area.