10 Reasons to Buy a Water Softener

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10 Reasons to Buy a Water Softener

Do you know what June means? For many families, it means weddings! For a very long time it was THE most popular month to get hitched. According to the Los Angeles Times, that is no longer the case; but June is still the month for a lot of weddings. Which means it’s a time when everyone wants to look their best, whether you are in the wedding party or on the guest list. Everyone wants to have a great hair day and healthy-looking skin.

What are we getting at here? The best way to assure those things is to call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing and talk with our experts about installing a water softening system in your Waterford home. We have put together a list of very good reasons why you should be using soft water.

  • Shiny soft hair
    • The high mineral content in hard water can make hair look dull and lifeless. According to the styling experts, it makes the strands of hair less pliable, which means it doesn’t want to take the shape of your hair brush as you’re trying to style it.
  • Healthier skin
    • Soft water isn’t as harsh. Hard water can irritate sensitive skin, leaving your skin feeling dry and sticky. There’s evidence that children can develop eczema because of the hard water.
  • Laundry
    • Your detergent will be more effective using soft water, actually making your clothes cleaner. Removing the minerals in the water will make the laundry feel softer.
  • Dishes
    • No more spots and streaks on your glasses and silverware. Soft water eliminates the lime scaling that causes your dishes to look cloudy and unclean.
  • Dishwasher & Washing Machine
    • Along the way, soft water will also protect your dishwasher and washing machine from damaging lime and mineral deposits.
  • Detergents
    • Because they work more efficiently in soft water, you will find yourself using less dishwasher soap, laundry detergent, and hand soap.
  • No scaly deposits
    • Your tubs, shower stalls and toilet bowls will look much cleaner, for much longer when you use soft water.
  • Pipes & plumbing
    • Hard water also causes mineral deposits inside your pipes. The homeowner may not realize what’s happening until the buildup causes a problem, requiring a plumber to flush out the deposits.
  • Energy savings
    • If you have hydronic heating, the mineral deposits can make your heating system less efficient costing you extra money to keep your home warm.
  • Car
    • Washing your car with soft water will get rid of all those annoying water spots and streaks.

Learn about even more advantages by talking with Kotz about installing a system to not only soften your water, but is also a water filtration system designed to give your family in Waterford and all of Oakland County a safe and clean supply of drinking water.

Maybe you don’t have any June weddings in the family this year, but it’s still a great time to treat yourself to the luxury of water conditioning in your Royal Oak or Waterford home. To learn more, call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing or better yet, stop by and see us in person at our plumbing showroom located at 5806 Dixie Highway, Waterford, MI.