Why Modern Bathroom Vanities Are Preferred

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Why Modern Bathroom Vanities Are Preferred

One of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up your bathroom is with a modern vanity. Whether it’s a complete bathroom remodel or just a little touch-up, the Kotz Plumbing Showroom has all the latest bathroom designs to brighten up your Waterford, MI home.

The vanity is the centerpiece of your bathroom decor. It should be the perfect blend between style and function. Over the years design trends change. Having a modern and trendy bathroom vanity will add to the value of your home.  If you haven’t been shopping for a while, we’re here to make the process easier with some guidelines you need to know about.

Size Matters

Unless you are planning on knocking down walls, the space you have available is a big determining factor when it comes to choosing a vanity. When it comes to size, there are some key things to keep in mind:

Traffic flow:

  • There must be plenty of room for opening and closing drawers and doors and enough space to move around comfortably.

Plumbing location:

  • Changing or relocating plumbing can quickly ruin your bathroom remodeling budget. It probably makes more sense to stick with a bathroom vanity similar to your current one at least in size and layout.

Existing features:

  • Also, be aware of existing features. Replacing mirrors and decorative trim or moving switches and outlets to accommodate a new vanity can also be expensive and time-consuming.


For many years the height of a bathroom vanity was 30 to 32 inches. Now the trend is toward a height of about 36” or three feet. This is mostly because people are getting taller every year and the extra height on the vanity makes for easier access and less strain on your back. If young children will be using the bathroom, then consider a height of 32” as a compromise.

Types & Designs

This is likely the most important decision when it comes to having a modern or trendy bathroom vanity. There are several types and designs in our bathroom showroom display. Here are some of the basic choices:

Floating Vanities:

  • These wall-mount bathroom vanities are also called floating vanities. They mount directly to the wall and sit off the floor. This design has a modern appeal and has been increasing in popularity. With open space underneath these vanities can help make small bathrooms look and feel larger.

Freestanding Vanities:

  • This is the most common type of vanity. Featuring either legs or a kick plate base that sits directly on the floor. There is a wide range of styles and finishes. Recently the trend has been toward vanities that imitate pieces of furniture like console tables and decorative cabinets.

Corner Vanities:

  • These are ideal for small spaces. Corner bathroom vanities provide much-needed storage in the bathroom without using much floor space.

To get a close look at all these styles and how they can be used, just come to the Kotz Plumbing Showroom. We have our very own in-house designer who can talk with you about what style and finish will give you the most modern and trendy bathroom vanity. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for great information throughout the year.