Service Overview

Kotz: Making Comfort Convenient

Twenty-first century Americans want the ultimate in home comfort by having the most efficient heating, cooling and plumbing systems possible.

We also want convenience to get even more enjoyment from our greatest resource, our homes. Kotz Heating, Cooling and Plumbing is dedicated to providing top of the line home comfort accessories to give you what you want at prices that are economical and affordable. You can rest assured there will be no surprises – you know the price of the job in total before we begin the work – and…. Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

To keep your heating, cooling, and plumbing equipment safe from unexpected fluctuations in voltage supply, power outages or lightning strikes Kotz offers Surge Protectors, which shut down your equipment as a protection against these potentially damaging occurrences. Typically, just flipping a switch will restart your equipment to resume normal operation.

Whole House Generators are another convenient addition to home comfort to ensure that during those winter storms or severe summer storms, when power supplies may fail for days or weeks, your home comfort equipment as well as refrigerators, lights, etc. will continue to operate without interruption.


Kotz also offers the residents of Oakland County, Michigan other beneficial home heating and cooling accessories, including:

  • Whole House Humidifiers
  • Low Level CO Detectors
  • Remote Monitoring Accessories, including Wifi Thermostats

To find out more about these convenient accessories that can increase your level of comfort, safety and peace of mind, call the knowledgeable professionals at Kotz today.