Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Service Overview

Never Be Without Hot Water.  For Your Water Heater Service, Repair or Installation, Trust Kotz.

Water heater energy efficiency standards and technology continue to improve. If you’re experiencing issues like too little hot water or even leaks, consider:

  • Do you have available connections to Natural Gas, LP Gas or Electric?
  • Tank style or tankless water heater?
  • Individual available financial resources.

The skilled professionals at Kotz have the experience and knowledge to evaluate your specific situation and assist you in making the best choice so you’ll enjoy hot showers once again and save money, too. With Kotz, you can have confidence that the options you’ve been given will allow you to choose the most energy-efficient water heater for your needs and desires, and is suitable for your budget and your home’s specifications.


There are various types of water heaters from which to choose. Some are more common than others, each having advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific application. Our skilled plumbers will expertly guide the decision making process among the following water heater types:


If you need a water heater repair, our professional plumbers will evaluate your specific circumstances and offer a solution that meets your needs. Our goal is your safety and 100% satisfaction – guaranteed!

For Comfort You Can Count On, call Kotz today to schedule an appointment.