Do It Yourself vs. Professional Bathroom Remodeling

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Do It Yourself vs. Professional Bathroom Remodeling

It won’t happen to me.

I know I can do that.

I watched a YouTube video and that looks pretty easy to do.

It shouldn’t take more than two weeks to do that.

When we hear statements like these, the phrase “famous last words” comes to mind. In this case we are talking about bathroom remodels and whether you can or should do it yourself or hire professionals to do the job. Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing just wants to make sure you consider all the factors before making any decision about this particular your bathroom remodel project.

Bathroom Remodel Cost

When push comes to shove this is the biggest reason homeowners try the DIY route for any home renovation project. Labor is the single biggest cost for nearly every bathroom remodel or renovation in your Waterford, MI home. In your mind your time is cheap, but if things don’t go well it can end up costing a lot more if the pros have to come in and clean up your mess. I know, you say it won’t happen to you but please remember that old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” 

Bathroom Remodel Time

While you may consider your time as cheap labor are you really prepared to make that commitment? For most do-it-yourselfers a bathroom remodel is a weekend project because you have a real job. You know what else happens on the weekend:

  • Baseball practice
  • Soccer practice
  • Family reunions
  • Dance recitals
  • Do you want us to keep going?

The simple truth is DIYers take much longer to do a bathroom renovation job than the professionals. Often times we’re talking months as opposed to weeks. If you only have one bathroom in the house, we strongly urge you to have the job done professionally unless you have a REALLY good relationship with your neighbors.  

They are called professionals

Plumbing, electrical work, and tile laying are at the heart of any bathroom remodel. No one is trying to insult your skills but when it comes to those jobs the pros do it for a living. DIY mistakes in any home improvement project can be expensive to fix. If the mistakes are noticeable it could reduce your home’s value if you decide to sell the house.

We’re here to help

Kotz Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing has experts on staff to guide you through every step of the project. Our bathroom designers will be the general contractor making sure the work is done right and done on time. They will also show you the thousands of design choices, plumbing fixtures and solutions available in the Kotz Showroom at 5806 Dixie Highway in Waterford, MI. We have been providing quality without compromise to the people of Oakland County since 1929.