Halloween is Fun ... Scary HVAC Sounds Are Not

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Halloween is Fun ... Scary HVAC Sounds Are Not

Scraping, squealing, banging, and hissing, OH MY! 

Are those the eerie sounds of Halloween ghosts and goblins? Nah, those are some of the scary HVAC sounds that can come from the furnace in your Waterford, MI home, and might make you more scared than watching all those horror movies on TV.

When to get concerned

Everyone knows furnaces, or any type of forced air heating system, is going to make some noise. Over time you get used to the sounds of the fans, blowers, and motors. When the sound is something new or strange, then the concern meter should go a little higher. Here are some types of sounds to be aware of:

Scraping noises:

This can be a sign of metal-on-metal contact, often caused by a faulty blower wheel. This is one you don’t want to play around with as it could cause serious damage and means it’s time to call an HVAC company for the services of a trained technician.

Loud pops or bangs:

When dirt collects on the burner, it causes delayed ignition leading to a gas buildup. When the burner finally ignites it’s actually a small explosion and you hear a loud pop or bang.

These small explosions sound scary and can damage your furnace. One result can be a cracked heat exchanger, a leading cause of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

Squealing noises:

This isn’t exactly fingernails on a blackboard, but it can be close. A high-pitched squealing noise generally indicates something needs to be replaced. To avoid any further damage or breakdowns you should call your HVAC company.


This means air is escaping from the system. If you hear it coming from the walls when the furnace is running, it’s a clear sign you need duct sealing or repair.

When the sound comes directly from the furnace it’s often a problem with the filter. Either it’s not installed correctly or is the wrong size.

Don’t jump to conclusions

This is the time of year when you might hear some strange noises. They can be more common when you first start using the furnace. The equipment has been idle for much of the spring and summer months and needs time to work out the mechanical kinks. So, don’t automatically call an HVAC company if you hear scary furnace sounds the first time you turn it on. Now, if the sounds don’t go away in a matter of a day or two, then call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. 

We are here to help

The best way to prevent those strange sounds is to have regular preventive maintenance performed on your heating and cooling systems. Kotz has been providing service to Waterford, MI, and all of Oakland County since 1929. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great information.