How Do Quartzite And Granite Countertops Compare?

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How Do Quartzite And Granite Countertops Compare?

That question may be a little like asking a car shopper, “Do you want a Mercedes or a BMW?” Of if you are of a different generation the question might be, “Which is better? A Lincoln or a Cadillac?” Our opinion at the Kotz Plumbing Showroom is quartz and granite are both great choices for elegant countertops on bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets. But there are differences you should consider for your bathroom or kitchen remodel.


Granite is a completely natural stone that comes as a slab of rock from a quarry. Quartz, or quartzite, is not a rock slab. It’s an engineered product formed from rocks or pieces of rocks ground up and mixed with a resin to make a slab.


Because quartz is an engineered material it tends to be more uniform in appearance. There are many choices available, but they may not be truly unique. Every granite slab is slightly different in pattern and color meaning your bathroom or kitchen design may be more unique. Only you can decide if that’s an important factor in your Waterford, MI home.

Durability & Maintenance

Most people will give the nod in this area to quartz. Granite is more porous and needs to have a sealer applied when it’s installed and then about twice a year after that. If it’s not properly sealed granite can stain. The resin in quartz makes for a hard-non-porous surface which makes it much more resistant to staining. The one caveat in this area is heat resistance. You can NEVER set a hot pan directly on a quartz surface as it will melt the resin.


Make no mistake, quartz and granite are both premium materials and both will add value to your home when compared to laminates and tile. Adding either material is a significant investment, but we find that generally speaking granite will be slightly less expensive than quartz.


About 20 years ago there were reports about health concerns because of radon emissions from granite countertops. Those have since been refuted by recent studies showing little or no emissions from granite or quartz countertops. The EPA says these countertops will not increase annual radiation above what is considered normal.

To get an up-close look at both materials and how they can be used, just come see our bathroom and kitchen showroom displays. We have our very own in-house designer at the Kotz Plumbing Showroom who can talk with you about these products and which one might be best for your bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinets. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for great information throughout the year.