How Does AC Maintenance Save You Money?

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How Does AC Maintenance Save You Money?

Having annual AC maintenance by a reputable HVAC company is a must have to keep your air conditioning equipment running at its best. If the AC equipment is not properly cleaned and cared for, issues will result causing bigger problems and will likely cost you a lot of money you probably don’t want to spend. 

Every HVAC industry expert will tell you regularly scheduled AC maintenance is necessary to keep your system running efficiently at peak performance. And, most HVAC manufacturers require annual maintenance twice per year, once for heating and once for cooling, in order to keep their warranties valid. 

Regular AC maintenance can increase the overall efficiency of your cooling equipment. In the long run, potentially saving up to 30% per year on utility costs. 

Kotz Technicians Can Save You Money With AC Maintenance

Check out these additional ways you can cut long term costs for cooling just by having a professional HVAC technician perform annual AC maintenance on your cooling comfort system.

  • Reduce the cost of future repairs. Regular annual AC maintenance provides the service technician the opportunity to detect broken or worn out parts and repair or replace them before they cause a complete AC failure. 
  • Lower monthly energy usage and lower utility costs. A well-tuned AC unit will run most efficiently, using less energy and decreasing your monthly expenses. 
  • Increase the overall lifespan of the AC unit. Industry statistics show that a maintained AC unit will typically last longer. Dirt and wear and tear from normal use will magnify issues if left unchecked. An AC unit that is neglected season after season will likely require premature replacement. 
  • Annual AC maintenance allows the technician to check the peripheral components such as ductwork. Dirty or leaking ducts cause energy losses that add up over time. 

During the annual AC maintenance visit, the professionally trained technician may also suggest an air filtration system that will not only work alongside your AC unit to keep you comfortable, but also purify the indoor air to keep the environment as healthy as possible. 

For annual AC maintenance, trust the trained and certified technicians at Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Our Red Carpet Maintenance Program is comprehensive and cost-saving, now and for the future. Schedule your appointment today.