How to Find a Good Plumber

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How to Find a Good Plumber

When you need help with a plumbing problem and start looking for a plumber it can feel like an uphill battle. How do you choose a person who will do good work? Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life, but there are many things you can do to increase your odds.


Make sure the plumber is licensed and the license is current.

This should be the baseline where you start your search. While it may be just a piece of paper, the licensing process means this plumber has met professional standards. Using an unlicensed plumber can be dangerous and in some cases, illegal.


Either the individual plumber or the company should verify he or she is background checked.

This is often a part of the licensing process, but it should be confirmed to your satisfaction. You have a right to know about the person you are allowing into your home or business. It’s a matter of protecting your property and your personal safety.


A plumbing contractor should be bonded and insured.

You should ask to see proof of insurance and the surety bond to make sure they are current. If there is a problem during the work resulting in property damage or injury, it’s covered by commercial liability insurance. The surety bond picks up where the insurance stops. Let’s say the plumber does poor quality work and you have to have it fixed. The bond is there to compensate the owner for those expenses. It also would cover items stolen from the home or business.


A reputable plumber will stand behind the work.

Make sure you ask what warranties are in effect and exactly what they cover. You should ask that they provide you their details in writing.


Check those online reviews and ask for references.

Reviews are not necessarily gospel, but if you read several of them you should be able to pick up on any recurring themes, positive or negative. When you ask for references, make sure you actually check them out.


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