Improve Indoor Air Quality with These Common House Plants

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Improve Air Quality Blog - KotzPeople are more aware of the importance of healthy air quality more than ever before; those who have family with respiratory issues, and those with respiratory conditions themselves, are especially aware of the difference that clean air can make on their health. Air that is free of dust, allergens and contaminants might be easier to achieve indoors than many people realize. It doesn’t require hefty, expensive, advanced equipment or intricate purifiers being installed, either. An excellent way to improve your indoor air quality is with filtration systems installed by our AC services in Michigan. In addition, some plants around the house can significantly clean the air – really!

NASA and the Case for House Plants

During the 1980s, NASA published a report: Interior Landscape Plants For Indoor Air Pollution Abatement, that stated plants are beneficial to our indoor environment, due to their efficiency of removing toxins from the air. NASA then decided to send plants into space to keep the air healthy for astronauts!

Which Plants Will Improve Indoor Air Quality in Michigan?

There are several plants that would be wonderful additions; however, some plants are toxic to pets so if you have animals in your home, be sure to look at a list of plants that are safe at The most popular plants to clean indoor air include:

  1. Bamboo or reed palm

Bamboo Image




  1. English ivy

English Ivy




  1. Spider plant

Spider Plant




4. Peace lily

Peace Lily

How Do Plants Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Different plants are better at filtering out different toxins – e.g. spider plants and bamboo are effective with removing formaldehyde, and English ivy is great for removing benzene from the air. There are many airborne toxins that can be found indoors without us ever being aware of them – e.g. acetone, ethyl acetate, trichloroethylene, chloroform, benzene, formaldehyde and others. In fact, there are over 350 toxins that can be found in indoor air!

Plants provide natural air filtration systems that are attractive and noiseless! Indoor air can become stagnant, making it easier and faster for allergens and toxins to build up to unhealthy levels. With a healthy array of houseplants placed throughout your home, you’ll clean your indoor air.

For more information on indoor air quality, and to achieve the best indoor air possible, contact Kotz today! We offer air purification systems, ultraviolet purification systems, and more to complement your array of house plants for cleaner air. Call us for all your Michigan air conditioning needs, or use our brief contact form!