Common Air Conditioning Myths Debunked

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acunitThere are many myths about air conditioning that seem to run rampant as summer approaches each year – many of which seem to be “common sense”. However, we have found that what many people think is true, is actually myth. Running your Michigan air conditioning during the hot months of the summer requires a lot of energy, and it’s important that air conditioners are used in the most efficient way possible. Common myths about AC repair in Michigan and air conditioning usage:

  1. You should always leave the AC running at a consistent temperature all day to save money and avoid spikes in usage. In reality, it’s best to not “set it and forget it”. What you should do is use a programmable thermostat, and when no one is home during the day, set your thermostat at a higher temperature (don’t turn it off). Set the thermostat to begin cooling about a half an hour before you are expected to return home at the end of the day. Interested in purchasing or need assistance, call Kotz for air conditioning services in Michigan for help.
  2. If you buy the largest central AC system you can find, your home will stay as cool as possible during the year with less effort. The truth is, a bigger system is not necessarily going to cool your home any better than a smaller one. Bigger is not always better – you need a size that is optimal for the size of your home. Kotz can help you determine the best size for your needs, your home, and your budget, speak with a certified technician today.
  3. You should change your air filters during the winter when the furnace is running, but it’s not really important during the summer when the air conditioner is being used. In reality, having a clean filter is important throughout the entire year. Dust and debris collects in the filter year ‘round; it doesn’t stop collecting on a schedule! Be sure to change your filters regularly through the entire year.
  4. Ceiling fans keep rooms nice and cool. In reality, fans have no effect on the temperature of a room; they make people feel cooler because of the air flow that moves across the skin, creating a nice breeze. Save electricity by turning off fans when you leave the room or invest in a programmable thermostat, call Kotz for more information.
  5. It doesn’t matter where you install an air conditioner – it will operate the same, no matter what. Actually, placement of the outdoor unit is very important. The best locations are going to be either the north side of the home or the east side, because there is usually more shade. When air conditioners are required to work in direct sunlight, efficiency is compromised and the unit has to work harder against the heat to cool your home.
  6. You don’t need to inspect your AC unit unless something is wrong with it. The truth is that preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure that you don’t end up “stranded” in the dead of summer with a broken air conditioning unit. We will come to your home annually and inspect everything about your unit to make sure it is in the best working order possible, and Kotz AC repair in Michigan can diagnose small issues and remedy them before they become big problems.

There are many misunderstandings regarding the right and wrong ways to use and maintain Michigan air conditioning units. For more information, for service, or to schedule an appointment for your preventive maintenance tune-up, contact Kotz today.