2015 Kitchen Island Costs

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2015 Kitchen Island Costs

In a blog earlier this month we talked about the many advantages of adding a kitchen island during a kitchen remodel. You can read about it here. The purpose of this blog is to assure you that, with the help of the experts in the Kotz Plumbing Showroom, there is a kitchen island option to fit every budget.

You can still get many of the same benefits (extra storage and counter space) with pre-built islands you would get with custom builds. Even something as simple as an island on wheels can add great versatility to your kitchen workspace. Of course, the price rises as you add more features and more expensive materials, but there is a price point for everyone. This is a rough guide to help you:


  • Portable island on wheels $100 to $2,500

  • Prefab non-portable island $200 to $3,500

  • Table $200 to $10,000

  • Cabinet with countertop $325 to $4,000

  • Custom island (could include sink or stove) $3,000 to $10,000+


As you can see it’s a wide price range in all choices. This is why we urge you to bring your budget and your ideas into our showroom. We will gladly work with you to see what can be done. We now have a new kitchen showroom display so you can get a first-hand look at what’s available to fit your budget. We will explain to you why some things are more expensive, what you get for the extra money, and when it makes more sense to upgrade.

If the island is part of a major kitchen remodel, it may be time to call in an expert like our inhouse designer Alex Brewer. She can help determine the best way to utilize the existing space and what type of kitchen island will work best for you.

We understand not everyone drives Cadillacs or BMWs, but that doesn’t mean you should automatically assume you can’t afford the advantages of a kitchen island in your Waterford, MI home. We assure you the folks at the Kotz Plumbing Showroom are ready to help maximize your budget so come in and look around. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to take advantage of our great special offers throughout the year.