Is Your Water Heater a Ticking Time Bomb?

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Let’s call it an equation for disaster:

Ignoring water heater = burst or leaking water heater = $$$$Thousands in Damage

The moral of this little equation from Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing? Friends don’t let friends ignore their hot water heaters. The insurance industry says burst water heaters are one of the top five causes of residential damage. The average insurance claim is more than four thousand dollars AFTER the homeowner (you) pays the deductible.

Kotz is here to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Here are some of the reasons a hot water heater can burst:

  • A build-up of sediment:
    • The minerals from hard water can create a physical barrier between the burner or heating element, and the water. As a result, it has to work much harder to heat the water and can cause overheating. All of this causes the tank to deteriorate.
  • Internal rust:
    • Corrosion can quickly weaken the tank, especially if they are not properly maintained. Just about every tank manufactured has a glass lining inside to protect the metal. If the glass lining is damaged, or simply breaks down over time, the metal tank will be exposed. Once that happens corrosion will quickly attack the tank.
  • Pressure inside the tank:
    • Your water heater is protected by a temperature and pressure relief valve, but over time the pressure inside can still affect the tank structurally. The problem is compounded if the relief valve malfunctions or corrodes. If you notice the valve is leaking or opening frequently, it’s likely you have a problem. Having the temperature set too high on the water heater also contributes to excessive pressure. The correct setting is 120℉ to 125℉.

There is a common denominator here. All of these problems can be prevented with regular and thorough maintenance. An expert plumber from Kotz in Waterford, MI can remove the sediment by draining and flushing the tank, replace the anode rod to prevent internal corrosion, and repair or replace the pressure relief valve.

If your home has one of the newer-style tankless hot water heaters, do not think you can ignore regular maintenance. In fact, the heating elements in many tankless systems are more prone to problems caused by mineral build-ups from hard water. You must flush and remove those deposits at least once a year.

If and when the time arrives for a new water heater in your home, Kotz carries a full line of tank-style and tankless models. We feature the Navien and State brand names. The State tank-style heaters feature an upgraded anode rod made with a combination of zinc and aluminum. It will last much longer and do a much more efficient job of protecting your tank from corrosion. It’s especially valuable here in Oakland County because many homes have water with a high iron content.

Just remember the equation for disaster we started with. Call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing now to make sure your water heater isn’t a ticking time bomb.