HVAC Ductwork Doesn’t Get Any Respect

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HVAC Ductwork Doesn’t Get Any Respect

How many of you grew up listening to comedian Rodney Dangerfield? His catch phrase during his routine was, “No respect, I don’t get no respect at all.” In a nutshell, that sums up HVAC ductwork. If you prefer a sports analogy, your ducts are like the offensive linemen on a football team. No one knows their names until there’s a holding penalty.

In the world of heating and cooling, everyone talks about the fancy new A/C compressors, efficient heat pumps, and air handlers with powerful fans and motors. They are the stars of the show. But if there are problems in the HVAC ductwork (the offensive linemen), all that efficiency and star power could go down the proverbial drain.

Here is the point we are trying to make: Ducts with leaks or uninsulated ductwork in places like attics and crawl spaces can waste an enormous amount of energy. When conditioned air escapes, it’s not being delivered to the living areas in your home. As a result, your A/C or furnace has to work harder to keep the house comfortable. Kotz often finds the problem can be traced back to an improper HVAC ductwork installation. There may be kinks or sharp angles restricting airflow, or in some cases, the wrong size ducts were installed.

Here’s what we can do to help. Our Kotz technicians can test your ducts for airflow issues including leaks, excessive temperature loss, and even check for proper insulation. Spring is a great time to schedule a duct inspection. Some uncool things can happen inside your ducts over winter, like rodents setting up housekeeping which could cause air quality problems in your Waterford, MI home. Whatever problems we might find, Kotz can handle just about any HVAC duct repair.

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, the components have to fit together like ham and eggs, steak and potatoes, or strawberries and chocolate. Kotz wants you to invest in the most efficient HVAC systems you can afford. But if you ignore your ducts, you may never get a full return on your investment. If you recently had a heating or cooling system replaced and feel like you should be seeing more savings on your monthly bills, don’t blame the air conditioner or furnace until you’ve had your HVAC ductwork checked out. Call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing now to schedule your inspection.