Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

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Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

Not too many years ago kitchen lighting fixtures were about the lowest of the low on the priority list. Slap a fluorescent fixture on the ceiling and the job was done. The designers at the Kotz Showroom realize much has changed since those days. Good lighting design is a huge part of any kitchen remodel or renovation. The LED lighting revolution has played a big role in the change.

Recessed lighting

As the name suggests, the lighting fixtures are recessed into the ceiling. Over the years they’ve also been called “can lights”. There should be one recessed light for every four to six feet of ceiling space in your Waterford, MI home. Choose from wide-angle for general lighting or focused lights for specific task areas. 

Over the cabinets

These are more about style rather than substance. Lights on top of your cabinets give a feeling of warmth on the walls. You can get them in various color temperatures. They are almost always some form of LED lighting which means they are energy efficient. You can leave them on all night as a comforting night light, and it will only cost about three dollars a year. 

Under cabinets

These are great for lighting the countertops and/or the backsplash. The lights are hidden behind the bottom edge of the wall cabinets. The most popular these days are LED light strips or ropes. There are easy to install as they just stick onto the cabinets and of course they are energy efficient. 

Toe kick lights

In this case, the LED light strips or ropes are installed to give a warm glow on the kitchen floor. They can be attached to motion sensors, so they only come on when someone is in the room. 

Pendant lights

These are great if your kitchen remodel is in a room with a high ceiling. The pendants hang down from the ceiling. The pendant lighting fixtures themselves can be small to help create an open feeling, or larger to make more of a decorative statement

Kotz can light up your world

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