What You Need To Know About Boiler Systems

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What You Need To Know About Boiler Systems

The changing of the seasons is upon us and with it comes cooler weather. So, it is time to think about the ways to heat your home or business. Most residences and businesses are equipped with forced air heating systems but another viable option is a boiler heating system.

Electric hot water boiler systems are designed to use a natural gas or oil-fueled boiler to heat water and create steam. The system then circulates the hot water/steam throughout the home or business via radiators, radiant baseboards or interior piping in floors. After the circulating water releases it heat energy, warming up the home, it cools down and returns to the boiler for reheating. In many systems gravity facilitates the water return, while some newer systems include a pump for this process.

Water tube boilers and fire tube boilers are the two main types of boiler. Here are few things you need to know about each type.

  • Water Tube Boilers. These boilers contain numerous tubes filled with circulating water. As fuel is burned in the boiler’s combustion chamber, hot gas is created and surrounds the tubes, thereby heating the water in them.
  • Fire Tube Boilers. In this boiler, the process is reversed. The hot gases created by the combustion fire circulate through tubes housed in a sealed container. The tubes are surrounded by water, which is heated as the energy is transferred through the walls of the tubes.

Like all appliances, regular maintenance is required and can keep the boiler from untimely repairs and breakdowns. National Boiler Codes specify that all commercial boilers must be checked by a licensed boiler contractor at least once each year. Some key maintenance tips include:

  • Inspect all electrical connections, wiring and the combustion chamber burner. The burner should be completely so the combustion chamber can be thoroughly inspected.
  • Check the vent pipe and flue passages. This will reveal if the burner is functioning properly. Soot or grime in the flue passage can be a result of the boiler system running too hot or with too much fuel. On the flip side, if the system is running too cool, it may result in moisture in the vent pipe.

There are many brands of boilers to choose from. Well-known models include Weil Mclain, Burnham, Munchkin, Pellet and Peerless. Call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today for more information about these boilers or for any of your heating and cooling needs.