Local Waterford HVAC company provides the top AC installations

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Local Waterford HVAC company provides the top AC installations

You’ve made the big decision. It’s time to replace your air conditioner because the old one just isn’t doing the job.

As a diligent consumer, you have spent hours doing your research. Brands with the best reputation for reliability. Which units are the most efficient and can save you the most money every month on utility bills.

Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing thinks that’s great. But we also believe folks don’t spend enough time thinking about air conditioner installation. Before you decide where you’re going to buy your new air conditioner, get some references for recent installations the company has done.

Make it a point to talk with the homeowners. Were they happy with how the installers treated their home and property? Was the installation done on time? Have there been any problems since the company installed the new unit.

Online research will reveal some pretty scary numbers about bad installations. The most common number Kotz sees is that 40% of new units are installed incorrectly.

Kotz is often called on to fix problems caused by other companies. The best way to prevent the problems is calling us first. Check out this video about what you can expect on installation day when  you choose Kotz to do the job for you. 

Here are some of the most common AC installation problems:

  • Air conditioner is oversized or undersized for the home or business
  • Refrigerant level not correct based on manufacturer recommendations
  • Poorly installed ductwork (design & materials)

Those installation problems can make all the research you did before buying your new air conditioner a waste of time. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, improper installations can increase energy costs by 30%.

The professional and experienced staff at Kotz can handle any heating and cooling client installations in Waterford, MI and all of Oakland County. We offer you our pledge of quality without compromise.

Our technicians have the expertise to design and install an engineered duct system to make sure the cool air from your new AC unit is distributed evenly throughout your home or business.

Best of all, you can rest easy. Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing backs installations (AC repair work as well) with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ve been doing what’s best for the customer since 1929.