Kotz Can Help Get You Through the Dog Days

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Kotz Can Help Get You Through the Dog Days


Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday you were looking forward to spring, especially the warm weather? All of a sudden, we are in the dog days of summer and you’ve had enough of the heat and humidity. Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has been solving your heating and cooling problems in Clarkston and Waterford, MI since 1929. We really enjoy hearing from you during the air conditioning season, but you don’t like making those calls. We understand. It’s no fun to write checks for air conditioner repairs.

Here are some suggestions from Kotz to help you get through the rest of the summer without any dog day emergencies:

  • Call for checkups:

We know this suggestion sounds like a contradiction, but it really isn’t. Kotz knows if you call on a regular basis for HVAC maintenance and tune-ups, you will likely end up calling us less often because breakdowns will be prevented. So, if you didn’t have a tune-up this year, call and schedule it now.

  • Change your Filter(s):

You should do this even when the filter doesn’t LOOK dirty to prevent many AC problems. Any dirt buildup makes the system less efficient. At a minimum, you should be replacing it every few months. More often depending on the type of filter and operating conditions.

  • Clear area around the condenser:

Cut or remove any vegetation around your outdoor unit(s). There should be at least 12 inches of clearance around the home’s AC compressor. The space is necessary to allow for good airflow and efficient cooling & heating.

  • Clean the condensate line:

Your air conditioner is removing a lot of summer humidity from the air and turning it into water. A blocked drain line can quickly cause water damage in your home. Every few weeks, pour a mixture of 1 cup bleach and 3 cups water into the line. It will remove dirt and algae.

All of these steps can go a long way toward preventing emergency calls to Kotz because your air conditioner stopped working. If you do have a problem. It could save you from having to make a call for emergency service.

The dog days are also a great time to make sure your plumbing systems are ready for the change in seasons. While you’ve spent the summer mowing and trimming what’s growing above ground, below ground tree and shrub roots could be invading your sewer pipe.

Call Kotz and let one of our professional plumber do a camera inspection to make sure your pipes are flowing freely. It can be part of a complete plumbing inspection. It’s a lot easier to find and fix any problem now, rather than during a Michigan winter. The last thing you want is heavy equipment tearing up your landscaping just before guests arrive for the holidays.

With the help of Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, you’ll be surprised how quickly the dog days will pass. Soon you will be enjoying those crisp fall days. Or maybe complaining it’s too cold.