Your Options in Bathroom Fixtures

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Your Options in Bathroom Fixtures

Nothing makes a bathroom fashion statement like faucets and fixtures which is why they should be the focal point of your bathroom remodel. The choices in plumbing fixtures for your Waterford, MI home can be overwhelming, but the folks at the Kotz Showroom will come to your rescue.


The one thing you can’t do is procrastinate. While installing the bathroom fixtures is usually one of the final steps in a bathroom remodel, you can’t wait to make your decisions. That’s because one of the first steps is to rough-in the plumbing which is based in part on the type of plumbing fixtures being installed. Plan on choosing your fixtures early in the remodeling process.

Do your part

To get the bathroom you want you must do your homework. Before you meet with our designers at the Kotz Showroom, scour magazines and websites for design ideas. Pick out the ones you like and create your own stylebook of plumbing fixtures. Bring it with you to the first meeting. It really helps the designer to know what styles you like and don’t like.

Faucets as art

Simply put, faucets have become the focal point of bathroom remodels. In many cases they have become a work of art based on design, material, and finish. Like many works of art, it’s possible to blow your budget on faucets. Make sure you have a price range in mind and stick to it, or if you decide to splurge on faucets look for ways to save money on other plumbing fixtures.

Selecting a sink

When you select your faucets, you likely have already decided the style of sink you are going to use (drop-in, vessel-style, pedestal), but you still must choose the material. They can be made from porcelain, vitreous china, metal (stainless steel & copper are two examples), or marble. Your choice will likely be dictated by cost and personal preference.


This is where your bathroom designer plays a key role. There must be a consistency that ties all the design elements together. We will show you what we’re talking about with dozens of displays in our Kotz Showroom. You can see what the various bathroom fixtures look like in real life. We can also show you nearly limitless choices using 3D rendering. Don’t go it alone, let our experts help you make your bathroom remodel a stylistic success.