New HVAC System Doesn't Have To Break Your Holiday Budget

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Is your budget being stretched this holiday season to accommodate all the extra shopping, meals, and entertainment? It is amazing how quick the additional expenses add up.

Given that, the last thing you may be thinking about is replacing your home’s HVAC system. However, tis the season when your heating system is really taking a beating, trying to keep your home cozy and your family comfortable. The Farmer’s Almanac’s prediction of a colder winter for much of the country is not going to help your old HVAC system, which is already working harder than it should. You could be experiencing uneven heating and cooling problems and right around the corner may be costly repairs or even system breakdown.

That’s why now may be the time to be proactive and look into replacing your worn or ineffective system. It is probably unlikely the jolly old elf from the North Pole can help you if a new heating and cooling system is on your list, so it may be time to explore other options. Pulling the trigger on such an expenditure can be tough as the bills mount during the holidays. But it can be made easier and more budget friendly by exploring financial options which are available. Our friends at Wells Fargo offer special financing in many situations and significant rebates are also available on many manufacturers’ systems.  Federal and state tax credits may also be on the table when you replace your old system with a newer model that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. Go to for more information.

Even with financing assistance, rebates and tax credits, a monthly payment may still seem a bit formidable. But consider this: a newer, more efficient system means immediate savings on your utility bills. A new HVAC system – especially one fitted with a programmable thermostat option – will reduce the amount of time your system runs, thereby decreasing energy consumption. Various studies have shown that overall energy costs can be reduced by up to 50%, significant savings that can be directed towards paying off the new system. The noticeable difference in consistent, total home comfort you will experience with a newer, more efficient system will also reinforce your decision to make the investment in a new system.

We know that replacing your heating and cooling system at the height of the holiday season may feel like unnecessary stress. But with our help, it can be easy and affordable. The peace of mind you’ll have heading into the new year because of the improved comfort will be reason to celebrate, not to mention the savings on energy costs!. Give your friends at Kotz a call today and let’s talk about HVAC system replacement, financing plans and potential rebate and tax credit savings. Out with the old, in with the new!