Mini Splits Can Help You Enjoy The Big Game

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Mini Splits Can Help You Enjoy The Big Game

There’s nothing better this time of the year than sitting down for that big football game in the brand new man cave you added to your home. You know, all dressed up in your favorite team’s gear: long underwear, a parka with the team logo and your warmest stocking cap and scarf.

Sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it?  Whether it’s a man cave, a studio for that budding artist, or a game room for the kids (and adults who don’t want to grow up), nobody has any fun when they are shivering in the cold or sweating in the heat

Unfortunately, that is often the case with bonus rooms that are added in areas that aren’t currently heated for cooled, such as your garage, unfinished basement or screened in porch. The cost of extending ductwork connected to your current HVAC system is an expensive endeavor.

There’s a cheaper and more effective solution: adding a mini-split, mini-split inverter, or ductless heat pump. All are an efficient way to heat and cool a problem room or area and check this out: NO ductwork required.

The main advantages of mini splits like Fujitsu,  are their small size and their potential for zoning, which means heating and cooling rooms individually. With as many as four indoor air-handling units – all connected to one outdoor unit- climate control can be enjoyed in multiple rooms.

Mini splits are also easy to install. The hookup between the indoor and outdoor units mainly requires the drilling of one small hole in the wall, while the indoor component can be a set as far as 50 feet away from the outdoor unit. That means you can easily hide the condenser unit in an inconspicuous location.

I bet you didn’t know that as much as 30% of your energy consumption is wasted when hot or cold air escapes through the holes and connections in existing ducts. It’s true and what is also true is this: that simply doesn’t happen with a ductless mini-split unit, because 100% of the hot or cold air goes to the room or area you want to heat or cool. Some of these units are so efficient you can get federal tax credits towards their purchase, but remember they could expire at the end of 2016 if not renewed by lawmakers.

Picture this: with your new ductless heat pump, the only hot things in your mancave will be your spicy chicken wings and your significant other. Your favorite beverage chilling in the refrigerator will be the only cold things.  So, it is time to forget about the long johns while kicking back in your new bonus room.

The HVAC professionals at Kotz will be happy to show you how easy and affordable climate controlled comfort in that converted attic, porch, garage, or basement can be. Call us today and really enjoy the big game while your new fujitsu ductless mini split does all the work.