Should I Upgrade My Furnace and Water Heater?

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Should I Upgrade My Furnace and Water Heater?

We could give you the easy answer to the question in our headline and say yes, because we want your business. That’s not the way Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing operates. The real answer is much more complicated. However, we will say there are some valid reasons to consider upgrading your water heater at the same time you decide to do a new furnace installation.


This is one of the most important reasons to consider upgrading in the first place. There are still many homes in Waterford, MI and the surrounding area with 20 and 30-year-old furnaces. Chances are they have an operating efficiency of 50% to 60%. A new furnace can have an efficiency rating of 95% or higher so you would see a savings of about 40% on your monthly bill. Additionally, a new mandate went into effect this year requiring more efficient blower fan motors on furnaces. This will also result in less electricity used compared to your old furnace.

Coming up with a number

Check your utility bill history and figure out how much you are spending on natural gas in a year. Take 40% of that to determine how much you would save with the installation of a new high-efficiency furnace. Yes, we know that number may not be totally accurate because it doesn’t account for any other gas-burning devices in your home which brings us to the next step.

Water heaters

Sometimes people forget water heaters have also seen remarkable efficiency improvements. Since hot water is almost always the 2nd biggest energy user in the home after heating and cooling, a new water heater can also save a significant amount on the monthly utility bill. 

Full disclosure

We are not going to tell you a new furnace installation and a new water heater are going to pay for themselves, and we would be suspicious of any contractor who tries to tell you that. Still, you will get a return on your investment with:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Less chance of breakdowns
  • Peace of mind with manufacturer warranties
  • Increased home value

Also remember, efficient new furnaces and water heaters often qualify for generous rebates and tax advantages from utility companies and the government. Kotz will make sure you get every penny you have coming to you. Only you can decide if the upfront investment is worth it for you.

Quality without compromise

This has been our pledge to the people we serve since this business opened its Waterford, MI doors in 1929. If you are ready to upgrade your furnace and/or water heater call us now to schedule your no-obligation estimates. Like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great information like this.