Surviving The Dog Days Of Summer

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Surviving The Dog Days Of Summer

Ahhhh…..the dog days of summer. This is a period between early July and September, when the hot, sultry weather of summer is at its peak. Another by product of the oppressive heat of the dog days is lethargy and stagnation of activity, when many folks stay inside to beat the heat.

So how did our canine friends get associated with this weather? After all, dogs aren’t the only animals uncomfortable in the stifling heat and humidity. The term dog days is actually based in ancient mythology and astronomy and the dog in question is actually the dog star, also known as Sirius. states, “The star has long been associated with sultry weather in the northern hemisphere because it rises simultaneously with the sun during the hottest days of summer. In the ancient Greek constellation system, this star (called Seirios in Greek) was considered the hound of the hunter Orion and was given the epithet Kyon, meaning “dog.” The Greek writer Plutarch referred to the hot days of summer as hēmerai kyndes (literally, “dog days”), and a Latin translation of this expression as dies caniculares is the source of our English phrase.”

That said, when the dog days of summer set in, humans and their pets alike all want to take refuge from the heat however possible. This makes your home or business air conditioning system even more critical. We rely heavily on our A/C and count on it to keep us cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems are taxed and work their hardest during the dog days. As the onslaught of extreme weather continues to build, so does the toll on your home comfort system. It’s imperative that you keep your air conditioner maintained and in top working condition. Regular maintenance/service, including making sure your system is fully charged are can help you get through the dog days of summer.

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