The Basics of Biannual HVAC Maintenance Service

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The Basics of Biannual HVAC Maintenance Service

You hear us talk all the time about the importance of regular HVAC maintenance, but sometimes our industry doesn’t do a good job of explaining what that means. Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing wants to change that. Annual service appointments (one for heating and one for cooling) are the perfect time to examine your current system, determine if any repairs are needed, and install any new parts. It’s also when our Kotz technician will visit with you about the future of your heating and cooling systems and any potential need for replacement in the near future. Here are a few of the highlights of a typical tune-up.

System Controls

HVAC maintenance will include evaluating your control system. The thermostat is always an important component in the way your furnace and air conditioner functions. Control problems can mean added strain on the heating and cooling systems and higher utility bills.

Check all components

These are the pieces & parts that warm or cool the air as commanded by you through the thermostat. Dirt is enemy number one for those components including the cooling coils and furnace burners meaning they don’t work as well (more on that in a moment). During maintenance, all components will be examined for wear and tear that may require them to be replaced. The trained technician will also check for refrigerant leaks that can affect cooling (and heating in the case of heat pumps).

Cleaning & lubrication

It has been established that dirt is a problem. Your HVAC maintenance visit will ALWAYS include cleaning of your heating and cooling systems, inside and outside the house. The goal of our Kotz technician is to bring them back to as near-new condition as possible. All moving parts will be adjusted and lubricated for quiet and smooth operation.

Tips & suggestions

When the HVAC maintenance is complete, the Kotz technician will talk with you about what he or she found. The goal is to help you evaluate the current performance of the heating and cooling systems. Will they continue to keep your Waterford, MI home comfortable now and in the foreseeable future? This should also include a conversation about what you can do to help such as changing filters and keeping the area around your outdoor compressor clear of landscaping and lawn debris.

Call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to find out about our Red Carpet Maintenance Plan, which ensures routine maintenance for your HVAC systems twice a year. For more great heating, cooling & plumbing information like this be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.