Think It’s OK to Skip Fall HVAC Maintenance? Think Again

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HVAC Maintenance - KotzWhat many of our customers don’t know are the consequences for failing to have qualified, certified Kotz technician come out annually to perform some preventive maintenance on HVAC systems. The damage that can be caused by running a system in a home (or any building, for that matter) over time without proper preventive care can be devastating , costing thousand in repairs or even leading to full system replacement. The following are three of the most damaging and dangerous consequences of not having Kotz heating services performed on your system at least once per year:

  1. One of the most dangerous, and deadly, consequences of skipping annual maintenance provided by our heating and air conditioning service in Michigan is the risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Approximately 1,000 deaths each year are a result of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. An even more astounding statistic is the annual emergency room visits attributed to CO exposure is staggering around 43,000. It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is caused anytime a fuel is burned in vehicles, stoves, lanterns, grills, fireplaces, gas ranges or furnaces.Kotz can run annual maintenance tests to ensure that the “silent killer” doesn’t harm you or your family.
  2. Poor Indoor Air Quality – Furnaces that are not maintained can build up debris very quickly, and not just in the air filter. It doesn’t take long for the filter to become clogged so much with dust, dirt, and debris that the airflow becomes significantly reduced, making your system work harder than it should. Your indoor air quality will suffer. In addition, once your air filter is no longer capable of keeping allergens and particles out, the furnace itself, along with the air ducts and registers, become coated with nasty airborne particles. Before long, they’re being circulated throughout your house. Fall furnace maintenance is crucial to the health of those in your home.
  3. A less harmful consequence, but still very important effect of not having annual maintenance done, is dealing with huge variations in the temperature in different rooms in your home. Not only can these variations make people uncomfortable, but they can also cause people to be less productive. In addition, having thermostat wars and running your system to try to combat these temperature issues wastes a huge amount of energy each month, increases the wear and tear on your system, and costs you potentially hundreds of dollars over the season.

With so many important reasons to have Kotz come and perform annual maintenance on your heating and air conditioning, there is no reason to skip it! Having our heating services in Michigan give your system the annual tune-up it needs is crucial to not only staying comfortable through the cold fall and winter months, but also staying safe and healthy as well. Contact us today to make your appointment!