What Could Be Causing Low Water Pressure In Your Home?

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What Could Be Causing Low Water Pressure In Your Home?

Reasons for Your Home’s Low Water Pressure

What would we do without water? Aside from the obvious basic health needs, we couldn’t bathe, wash clothes or dishes. We wouldn’t be able to clean anything. Some foods can’t even be cooked without water. Basically, we need water for everything we do in our homes. When we don’t have access to water or it’s impeded in some way, such as low water pressure, it can be very frustrating.

Too Low Water Pressure Has Several Possible Causes.

From mechanical issues out of your control to broken or leaking plumbing pipes, there are several reasons why your home’s water pressure might be too low, and, for which you probably need a plumber in Waterford, Michigan.

You may be able to take care of a couple of these on your own, but for quick, reliable and efficient plumbing services, always call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We’ve been solving plumbing issues for the residents of the Waterford and Oxford, Michigan areas since 1929.

The easiest low water pressure problem for homeowners to DIY is when the pressure is constricted at one specific faucet. The cause is often due to a clogged aerator, which is the little screen at the end of the spout. They can usually be unscrewed from the faucet without much difficulty. It’s possible you’ll even have tiny pebbles lodged there. Tap those into the trash, rinse well and screw back on. Hopefully, this little trick allows the water to flow strong again. 

Another cause that most homeowners can address without help is when the showerhead has mineral build up. It usually looks discolored around the holes where the water comes out. Clean the area thoroughly with a vinegar and baking soda solution to loosen the particles. Rinse well.

Another possible cause of low water pressure that may be DIY is the water supply valve that controls the flow of water into the house. It’s usually inside, possibly in the basement. If this valve isn’t opened all the way, water flow will be affected. Turn it all the way counterclockwise to correct the problem.

Call the Plumbers at Kotz

The remaining possible causes of too low water pressure require the professional services of a trained plumber. Some of those challenging issues such as water heater supply-line corrosion or mineral build up in the tank, pipe corrosion in main water supply pipes or issues with the valve at the water meter from the public water supply company can all cause low water pressure. Attempting to solve these problems on your own will likely lead to bigger, more expensive issues. 

For every plumbing concern you have in Oxford or Waterford, Michigan, call Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Our professional staff are ready and waiting to serve you.