Sally Turned Up the Thermostat Again—This Means War

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Thermostat-War-Kotz-Heating Are you constantly battling someone that is always adjusting the thermostat searching for their comfort ‘sweet spot’? Does the back and forth result in a thermostat war, with multiple people in the house fighting to stay comfortable? If this is the case, your comfort specialists at Kotz Heating and Air Conditioning can help you end this peculiar battle of degrees. Kotz has many options to ensure your entire family stays comfortable in your house this heating season while also helping you save money. Advanced technology is now able to offer personalized comfort throughout your home with no hassle.

If you are in Waterford township or located in surrounding areas, don’t wait, end the thermostat war today. Call Kotz to schedule an appointment. Trust us with your family’s comfort and gain some peace of mind that your thermostat is no longer a battle zone.