Five Plumbing Tips From The Pros

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5-Plumbing-Tips-Kotz-Heating The holidays have passed, but there may still be remnants left behind. As you are finishing the cleaning process, don’t forget about your home plumbing system! Self maintaining is vital in keeping your system in top shape in-between regular service appointments. If you are located in Waterford township or surrounding areas and are ever in need of plumbing assistance don’t hesitate to call one of your trusted Kotz plumbing specialist to remedy your issue. Below we have included some in-home suggestions:

  1. Insulate–The air is frigid this time of year and that can be brutal on your plumbing system. Make sure that your piping is insulated correctly. Insulating pipes yourself is a simple task that could reduce the chance of you running into a more complex problem.
  2. Drain or flush water heater—Regular flushing and draining has been proven to lengthen the life of water heaters. The process rids the equipment of minerals and debris that could lead to a malfunction. The more that you use your hot water heater, the more often it will need maintenance.
  3. Clean Your Drains—The holiday season probably put a beating on your drains. With the increase in cooking came the increase of food debris, cooking oils, etc, down the drain. Prevent pipe backups and clogs by pouring 1/2 C of baking soda in your sink drain, followed with 1/2 C white vinegar. Wait for 10 minutes and flush with boiling water. This will help push along any unwanted buildup.
  4. Caulk or Grout—Seems like a trivial thing, but reapplying caulk and/or grout around bathtubs and sinks, is essential to your plumbing system. It is an important combatant to preventing water damage and mold on walls or areas surrounding plumbing fixtures.
  5. Replace your water filtration filter—Water filters catch and trap debris inside its pores, and other contaminants are caught when they attach to the filter media. The filtration media is a combination of charcoal, carbon, and a blend of other purifying elements. Your filter will eventually reach capacity. At this point where no more contaminates can be absorbed, obviously, this is when you know it is time to replace.

Remember to never take on a task too big for you to handle. We will gladly help! If you are located in the Waterford township area and need assistance, call Kotz today.