Should I Winterize My Water Softener in My Vacation House?

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Should I Winterize My Water Softener in My Vacation House?

Should I Winterize the Water Softener in My Michigan Vacation Home?

Because of the beautiful outdoors we are blessed to enjoy in the Waterford and Oxford Michigan areas, having a second home is a wonderful resource for many homeowners. To have the benefit of a vacation home for many years to come, proper maintenance and preparation for our harsh winters is very important. That includes whether or not you should winterize your water softener.

One of the comfort systems that needs to be winterized, is your water treatment, specifically the water softener. Proper water softener maintenance for the off-season isn’t necessarily difficult, but you may prefer to pass this task off to the professionals at Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Our trained plumbers have the skills needed to efficiently ready your water treatment system for the cold temperatures. 

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General Tasks Needed to Winterize Your Water Softener System

If you don’t plan to heat your vacation home to keep the indoor temperatures at 20 degrees Fahrenheit or above or if the pipes aren’t insulated or located in an indoor area, the process to prepare your water treatment system, including the water softener and sprinklers, you will benefit greatly by using a trained plumber from Kotz

While online tutorials are a dime a dozen, the water softener needs to be properly inspected and drained by a professional to avoid damage to the unit. Due to the complexity and cost of these systems, taking on this task yourself could cost hundreds of dollars. 

Aside from inspecting and completely draining the water softener, some of the necessary steps your Kotz plumber will take to fully winterize your water treatment system are:

  • The water softener will be removed from the bypass and the valve removed. The device will be unplugged with all inlets and outlets being disconnected. 
  • Sprinkler systems should be thoroughly drained, and any excess water blown out. This is best done by a skilled professional to avoid damage to the backflow preventer. 

Proper winterization and maintenance of your home’s heating, cooling and water treatment systems is vital to ensure pipes don’t freeze during the Michigan winter and that all are ready when you need them. Our Red Carpet Maintenance program is the solution you need. 

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