Cold & Flu Season Is Upon Us

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Cold-and-Flu-Season-Kotz Have you ever scrubbed your home so clean and sterile that you thought to yourself, “No way could any type of contagious virus survive that deep of a clean,” only for it to come back? It’s that time of year again, and there is a strong possibility that you, someone in your family or your entire family will fall victim to the grasps of a cold or even the flu this year.

These types of sicknesses spread through droplets in the air that are created when a contagious person sneezes, coughs, or talks. Physically quarantining the sickness is not completely effective if you do not have some sort of air purifier installed on your HVAC system. Without this, germs recirculate through your home out of your vents, exposing your entire family and compromising their health. If you are in Waterford Township and surrounding areas, contact Kotz to schedule one of our trusted staff out to assist you in cleaning your air.

How is it possible to clean the air in your home? Incredible advancements in the industry have made it possible for cleaners to be installed in your ductwork, supplying and circulating freshly cleaned air. On top of assisting with containing the contagion, IAQ products will help you save on healthcare expenses and reduce loss of workdays, school, or both! Some health insurance providers may consider some IAQ products and services a covered expense. Have a Kotz IAQ specialist out to your home to share with you the different product options and applications that are available to you. Healthier indoor air encourages a healthier family. Trust Kotz with your comfort and let us help keep your family healthy.