Can You Put a Ductless Mini Split System in a Basement?

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Can You Put a Ductless Mini Split System in a Basement?

In terms of versatility and ease of use, the ductless mini split can’t be beat. Maybe you’re not familiar with what a ductless mini-split is. Let’s look at this increasingly popular type of HVAC equipment that can be a perfect solution for heating and cooling whether residential, commercial or for institutions. 

Developed in Japan in the 1950’s to accommodate close housing with thinner outer walls, the ductless mini-split became increasingly popular there, in Europe and other parts of the world. However, U.S. distributors were not as impressed and held off for another few decades. It wasn’t until 1987 that ductless mini-splits became a viable heating and cooling option for American consumers.

Obviously from its name, the main feature of the ductless mini split is that no ductwork is required. Since basements are generally not included in the design and specifications for HVAC residential HVAC applications, there is no ductwork with which to extend a home’s current system when homeowners decide they want to make their basement usable living area. This makes them a much less expensive option when remodeling existing basement space. 

Another positive aspect of a ductless mini split is its ability to dehumidify air. Basements tend to be damp areas with higher levels of moisture. The mini-split will remove the humidity from the air while also providing heating and or cooling, making the need for a dehumidifier obsolete.

Great Investment For Your Home

Ductless mini-splits are relatively easy to install, generally have lower upfront installation costs and provide the versatility of heating and cooling indoor space only when it’s occupied. These pros along with the fact that up to four indoor units can be operated by one outdoor condenser, allow it to provide a great return on the investment.

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